Custom your rattan and aluminum outdoor furniture - Mod

6063 Aluminum Alloy

Just like a building, the frame is the base of any outdoor furniture.

At Mod, we select aero-grade 6063 aluminum alloy which is born for outdoor uses. It's heat treatable, rust-proof & weldable for any shape you need.

Custom options:

  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Finish

Weather-proof PE Rattan

Rattan and its weaving methods are what add to the appeal of your custom furniture.

At Mod, we combine beauty with the utility by customizing rattan for your design as well as producing UV & oxidization-resistant rattan at the very beginning of our production.

Besides, our master weavers help turn your ideas into real masterpieces with different weaving skills.

Custom options:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Weaving Method

Cushion Material

Cushions are what add to the comfort of your beautifully-crafted furniture.

MOD ensures that every outdoor cushion stays new, plump & comfortable all the year round by using water & UV-resistant cover and supportive cotton fillers.

Custom options:

  • Cover color
  • Filler density