Premium rattan and aluminum garden furniture manufacturing - Mod
Step One

The raw material is the core

It all starts with raw materials. Aluminum and vinyl are major materials of our modern outdoor furniture.

Both of them must come with hardness test and resistance test by our in-house QC team to ensure the highest quality.

  • Resistance Test
  • Hardness Test
Step Two

A Solid Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame, as the basis of the product, decides the lifetime of the furniture.

Our team of workers starts using the qualified aluminum to make the frames or the furniture you want based on the engineering aesthetics design under the strict instructions.

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Coating
Step Three

In-house Rattans Making

Dimensions and colors of rattans affect the appearance of your furniture.

At Mod, we are able to produce soft & weather-proof rattens of various types & colors through our cutting-edge machines and production lines. So that's why we boast a shorter lead time than other factories.

  • Delivering
  • Manufacturing
  • Cooling
  • Finishing
Step Four

Handmade Weaving

Weaving methods decide the design of your outdoor furniture.

At Mod, our master weavers insist on weaving your furniture by hand instead of producing them massively with machines. That's why each piece looks exquisite.

  • Doublepost Weaving
  • Herringbone Weaving

  • Singlepost Weaving
  • Vienna Weaving
Step Five

Customized Cushion

The quality of cushion is of great significance on user experience.

We produce breathable and comfortable cushions with weather-proof fabric and filler of different density according to your needs.

  • Sewing
  • Packaging
  • Filling
Step Six

Strict Quality Control

In our factory, our QC team not just inspect each step. We also test all the finished products covering its appearance and functions to satisfy your customized requirements.

  • UV Inspection
  • Water-proof Test
Step Seven

Designated Packaging

A well-packed product can save you from any loss & worry during shipment.

Finally, we will pack our products carefully in designated packages with 3-layer of protection including bubble bag, reinforced corner cardboard & strong paper box.

  • Bubble Bag
  • Corner Cardboard
  • Paper Box